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Our home many years ago

Our home many years ago

It’s difficult to accurately categorize our home as NeoClassical or Queen Anne even though it has all of the classic Queen Anne elements–decorative shingles, corner tower, etc. The fact that the tower was removed makes it look even less like a Queen Anne that it once did. But this is all academic…

The house shown here was actually enlarged from a smaller house. In the center of the basement structure are square nails not found in other parts of the house. When I was renovating the master bedroom, I found the old 2x4s that once were the gable end of the smaller house. They had been sistered on with the new exterior walls of the second story.

Apparently, the Kirschners made the additions but later lost the house due to some type of financial troubles–the house was sold in a tax sale somewhere in the 1940s. It was about that time that it was converted into two living quarters–one up and one down. It passed through a succession of owners until coming to us.

The neighbors were very much thrilled with the idea of a family with young children moving in next door. Tales of loud music, hoards of teenagers, and drugs were told by more than one neighbor.

We had moved from a five-year-old home in a larger town nearby. We were still what I consider young and foolish but were no strangers to old homes as we had lived in a large, old farm house when we were first married. However, having had the luxury of being renters, none of the headaches of home ownership applied. Our parents thought we were crazy moving into an old home like this, but we didn’t care. I’ve since come to hate/love this place. Having put so much sweat equity into it now, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else.


The house looks truncated without the tower. (BTW, apparently it's a tower because it goes to the ground. A turret does not reach the ground.)

A couple of years ago, a realtor showed up at the front door offering to buy the place from me. To be honest, I felt very much tempted to take his offer, but ultimately acquiesced to my feelings of kinship and obligation to a job as yet unfinished. (Actually, it conjures up images of any of the characters in the Lord of the Rings being tempted by the One Ring.) So, here we are today. I suspect that we will live here until our children have homes of their own and I can hand out all of the crap (family objects) that I’ve hoarded over the years since storage in this place was plentiful.

Now that the stage has been set for what is to come, let us continue.