How hard can it be to find someone to help with some drywalling? Okay, well maybe a lot… I called two places that regularly advertise in our local newspaper. Both responded to my call, but only one showed up. He came on a Saturday morning. It was ultimately highly disappointing because he stayed for an hour taking detailed measurements. He even showed me photos of his previous work. He said he would get back to me the following week. That was three weeks ago.

If you don’t want to do the job, fine. Just say so. If you are too busy, just say so. Now I’m back to square one; that probably means I will end up doing it myself. I might even come out of it with a nice divorce in-hand. When I did my daughter’s room (12×12), it took me one full month to mud and sand. Obviously, it is my least favorite part of renovating. I can handle all the other menial tasks (especially those that no one will ever notice/see), but this…….

The current job is essentially three full rooms (upstairs sitting area, stairwell, and foyer). Did I mention the stairwell is 15 feet high and the foyer has curved walls? Now you can see where the notion of a contractor seemed a likely alternative… Alas! for me. Perhaps I can find a good lawyer to fight back my wife…