I’ve had a website for years but interaction now appeals to me more than a static website. Besides, why not partake of more recent technology and at least make a basic attempt to keep up with my 17 year old son. (Who, by the way, helped me create and upload my photos…) I’m not technologically challenged (I am, afterall, an Oracle database administrator). But I’m less “hip”, as it were, with regard to blogging, texting, etc.

At any rate, we’ve lived in our NeoClassical/Queen Anne Victorian home for almost nine years now. I joke around with everyone that I wanted a home that needed primarily cosmetic surgery and ended up with one that needed open-heart. I’ve learned a lot along the way (and have spent untold sums of money) trying to replicate or replace missing elements in our home while also updating it to 21st century standards.

Note that my blog is labeled “Colonial”, not NeoClassical. Bennington NeoClassical just doesn’t roll off the tongue well, so don’t burn me in effigy over it. Besides, Battle of Bennington–Colonial America…. Moving on, now.

I’m am a pseudo restoration/renovation do-it-yourselfer. Where I can, I try to stay true to the original intent of the house. I will admit that I have taken some liberties with other elements especially when those elements were added later. My plans for the living room would make anyone at the National Trust shudder.

Here’s to the future!