One day in 2000 while leaving city limits to buy fireworks, I drove through a small town that I had never officially “toured.” Before I continue, a little more background is necessary. When I was in high school, a buddy and I would drive around at night looking in windows. Sadly, we weren’t looking to satisfy any sick, sexual needs. At least that would be considered “normal.” No, we were looking at the houses themselves! Okay, so we were not your typical teenagers. Ever since then, I don’t peek into windows at night, but I still satisfy my craving to see new houses by taking back roads when we travel and peruse all the small towns along the way. Try it some time; you’ll be amazed at the great stuff you’ll see, architecturally speaking.

So anyway… I drove past this big house with a For Sale sign in the front yard. We had been looking to sell our two bedroom house in town after my wife became pregnant with our second child. Our realtor thought we were nuts because we didn’t want to spend very much money, but wanted a larger, older home. I take some gratification now in that I found the house, not him.

A couple of months later, it was ours. The first night after moving in, my young son promptly plugged the toilet upstairs. Then in the morning after waking up, we discovered that the sink faucet in the very same bathroom leaked into the vanity, ruining the particle board frame. (By the way, that still hasn’t been replaced.) The kitchen was a complete disaster and unusable and now one bathroom was essentially out of commission. For the love of Pete, can we get our old house in town back?