Our first year consisted of a new kitchen and a first-floor laundry. When we bought our 3 bedroom, 3 bath house (technically speaking), we had a barely usable kitchen, an UNUSABLE full bath downstairs, and no master bedroom (it was the upstairs kitchen). The bathroom off the kitchen was transformed into a laundry room. The pink and black tile and pink fixtures were gladly destroyed and sent to rest forever in the bowels of the local landfill. I wonder now why I never took photos, but I think it was actually a defense mechanism to remain forever blissfully forgotten.

When I removed one set of cabinets in the kitchen, a good chunk of the ceiling and wall came with them. Amazing how the damage of years of being damp from a leaking roof will take its toll on plaster and lath! Once again I had the sinking feeling that I wanted to move out altogether. But three weeks later after no kitchen, we could say that we were once again in business. No more microwave meals, McDonalds, and washing dishes in the small downstairs bathroom sink. If your marriage can survive something like this, then you’re 99% on your way to a happy 50th…