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It was the year of the master bedroom. Old cabinets were gone (they are in my shop now) and now to make the room livable. Stripping out the wood grain paneling and the country goose wallpaper revealed Victorian papers that were actually pretty cool. The trim all came down and was sent to a stripping shop since there was no shellac under the paint. Let me tell you–the owners got their money’s worth when they bought that paint. I couldn’t get it off for love nor money. The stripper shop ended up having to soak it in a vat of lye overnight to cut it. The amazing thing was that once it came off, there was very little left in the grain of the pine. A couple of coats of amber (orange) shellac and it looked like it had always been shellacked.

The windows got a coat of a baby-poop brown paint because there was no way the old paint was coming off. Since the base trim in this room was missing, I improvised with clear 1×6 tongue and groove yellow pine with a stock basecap from Lowe’s. It didn’t turn out too bad and was pretty cheap, considering.