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By the end of 2005, believe it or not, I was ready for a new challenge. Our home has a front entryway with two curved windows. We were lucky enough to have the screens for the windows, but obviously there were no storms. Buying curved storm windows isn’t exactly something you can do at Lowe’s, Menards, or Home Depot. So once again, I was put in a position to improvise. Menards carries 4×4 Douglas fir that was the perfect width out of which to cut the radius. Plexiglass substituted for actual glass.

A note concerning Plexiglass–installation in this capacity (glazing) is a bitch! If you use the crap out of the tube that is recommended, it’s nearly impossible to make it look good. It sticks to everything and every little bit that ends up on the Plexiglass stays there. FOREVER! After installing the first window, I opted to go with traditional glazing compound for the second. This, of course, is strictly verboten but I decided that for ease of installation and looks, I would rather reglaze it every handful of years than to deal with that tubed garbage!