Late last year, I made up my mind that 2009 was going to be the big push to get a large chunk of the house updated. We want an extra bathroom upstairs but the intent was not to complete it this year, only frame it in. The space out of which it is to be carved is essentially one large area that is connected to the stairwell and ultimately to the foyer. Unfortunately, because of that and for a couple other reasons, it all needs to be done at once. However, finding someone to do the sheetrocking and mudding has lead me nowhere.

Then after further contemplation, I decided that the the bathroom itself would be an acceptable alternative for this year; the rest could wait. I was ready to move forward. Then my daughter came home yesterday with an invitation to go to Washington DC next year (just like my son when he was in fifth grade). Oh, AND, my son will be graduating next year with a Mac Book at the top of his wish list. (sigh) There goes the bathroom and any hopes of major work this year and next, for that matter.

So I guess I take consolation in the fact that perhaps now I will have the time to finish up all those pesky little projects that have always gotten delayed because of larger ones. But I don’t have to like it…