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I finally was able to make a push to get some inside work done. The wiring is now “complete” and, with the exception of one switch box for the new closet, is in place and ready to go. That box will be put in once the framing for the door is complete but that won’t happen until I’ve sheetrocked inside. (It’s too small to try and get the wall board in after it’s framed.) The old shower drain was removed and patched with some oak out of my daughter’s room. You can tell in the photo where the patch is, but it will be in the closet; it’s doubtful that it will be terribly noticeable.

This was my first solo flight with the wiring so I “went live” with it just to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. After fixing a couple of backwards wiring for the three-way switches, all tested good! Thank Heaven!!! Once I start putting up sheetrock, I’ll disconnect it again for safety’s sake.

The curved wall were the old shower was is now insulated. The plan was to have it sheetrocked, but the lawn called and I ran out of time. By next weekend, it should be done.

And I got my mother to take some of her money out of simple savings and put it into a better investment vehicle that will earn her more than .50% interest. At that rate, she could just as well put it in her mattress…