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Well… sort of. For the past couple of weeks I have been working on tedious tasks including attempting to reproduce mouldings that were damaged when the staircase was closed in, leveling ceilings, sheetrocking, and insulating. After my experience with the curved closet wall, I vowed that the piece above the double windows would not go on as poorly. My solution was to place the piece between two of our porch chairs with a couple of small scrap 2x4s as weight. Our Midwestern humidity took care of the rest. The only “problem” was that I forgot to trim it to width before curving it. But with a handful of vertical cuts using a sheetrock saw, I was able to score and snap without any problems. It worked beautifully and looks TONS better than the closet. Except for a couple of small pieces, the sheetrocking inside the front door and to the archway is complete.

I’ve spent many hours working on leveling the ceilings because I intend to put up crown moulding to dress up the space. Lowe’s has extruded polyurethane mouldings that will make the curve simple. Or so I hope…