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Two weekends ago, I moved the HVAC vent from underneath the stairs to the north wall. The stair is paneled with wide, thin boards of which many have cracked. My suspicion is that the dry heat in the winter from the vent was too much for them. When I uncovered the north wall, an old vent for the parlor was entombed in it. I spent an entire day and three trips to Menards and Home Depot rerouting the existing vent to the location of the old one.

Our basement is not fully finished and so, of course, this area has a crawl space. After over 100 years, the dirt is almost like super dry powdered sugar. The slightest disturbance and you are surrounded by a fine dust cloud. Coupled with working on your back in a confined space working around brick piers, 6x6s, and old ductwork, I’m convinced that I never want to deal with that ever again!

As for this past weekend, my son and I sheetrocked for two solid days. Without his help, it wouldn’t have been possible. All of the extra time spent leveling the ceiling and shimming the walls to make them run straight really paid off. It’s still not completely finished, but time and energy ran out. And I realized that I hadn’t shimmed the south wall yet.

With any luck, mudding and crown moulding will be the order of business for the coming holiday weekend. The pace of work will definitely quicken now that this much is done. I’ll be glad when it is over.