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Miss me? Finally, an update worth posting! The last month has been somewhat of a complete loss as far as time for projects has gone. Now that October is here and the November deadline is looming ominously on the horizon, my motivation has suddenly kicked in.

I was finally able to finish the mudding, sanding, and priming of the sheetrock in the foyer. It was all I could do to force myself to sand as it is without a doubt the most distasteful part of DIYing. And now it is DONE!!! Today, I finished up the crown molding. I chose extruded polyurethane foam from Lowe’s because of the design and that it would be easy to work with. However, it was a little pricey by my standards, but it sure dresses up the entryway. My intent was always to go just a little further with the details since this was the first chance to set a good impression of the house.

And now for some images of the foyer crown molding. When I purchased it, I thought that it was flexible enough to go around the curve. Unfortunately, it flexed in the wrong direction; if, for example, it was to go on the inside of the archway, it would have worked perfectly. However, the radius worked in a different direction and against my plans. It occurred to me to try and heat it with a paint stripper gun, but I opted not to even go there since I wasn’t sure how it would react to the heat. I was concerned that the foam might shrink since that is how it typically reacts in intense heat or open flame. So, I opted instead to cut it into small sections and attach each separately. It’s not perfect, but a coat of paint and I suspect that no one will really notice. The discoloration along the molding edges in the photos is due to the adhesive that I used.

I checked out the product web site for installation tips and found many other moldings that are way cool. If you are in the market for some replacement moldings, this looks like a great source.

Now it’s on to painting! Stay tuned…