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I spent the entire weekend doing the drudgery tasks that go with DIYing. Here’s a quick recap to get caught up.

1) Painted the crown moulding with a white semi-gloss. It looks much better now.

2) Watched the installers put in the new office carpet. It looks great, but I remember it being more on the gold side than green. But it looks WAY better than what was there before…

3) Started shellacking all the trim. I invested in a breathing apparatus that is designed for organic vapors. Holy Cow! Where had that baby been all my life? Now I can shellac for hours and not become dizzy or get a headache.

4) Finished repairing the stair panels. The panels are 1×10 or 1×12 3/8 thick pine boards attached to a half-lap pine frame. The original carpenter had secured the panels to the frame with screws around the perimeter of the panel. Either pine behaved differently back then or he just didn’t know any better. At any rate, five of the eight panels had split. Most of them I was able to cut along the crack and glue together. The others, I simply tried to stabilize by gluing the cracked end but leaving the panel intact. My solution was to eliminate all but the screws in the middle of the far end of each panel and secure them with new blocks rabetted to hold the panels in place yet allow them to move with changes in humidity. Once these panels are reinstalled, I won’t be able to easily remove them to do any repair work so I’m hoping this will be a long-term solution.

5) Put up another wall’s worth of wainscot and finished adding the last outlets.

6) Tore out the bottom landing of the steps in order to finish adding insulation and a vapor barrier.

7) Since the steps were out, I decided to remove the oak flooring back about two feet or so. When the wall dividing upstairs from down was added, they patched in flooring around it. With the wall gone, there was a long, rectangular bare spot in the oak flooring. When I patched the oak back in, I was able to close up that gap. It looks okay, but not perfect.

I’m hoping that the trim will start going up sometime this week. Enough chat, on to the photos…