On Thursday, we put our oldest pet cat to sleep. I’ve put two other cats to sleep over the years, but this one the most difficult. We adopted Ash right after my daughter was born 10 years ago. I was telling a cube neighbor colleague/co-worker/friend/Josh at work that I was having him put down and justifying that he was, after all, “… just a cat”. I have since realized that he was much more than that. He would meet us at the door every evening, and, of the three cats, he was the one that would always sit in my daughter’s lap. We always had to be careful in the morning going downstairs because he would race ahead of us in anticipation of being fed. He loved to help open gifts at birthdays and Christmas.

We buried him in the back yard on Thursday wrapped in the blanket from his bed.

Ash was so much more than just a cat or even a pet–he was a member of the family and a loyal companion. He will be sorely missed.


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