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My wife informed me the other day that once this project is complete, she is putting a moratorium on projects. Suits me for now… The vestibule (as I now call the area between the arch and front door) is coming along. The hard part will be the corner to the right of the door. That will take a little ruminating to resolve.

I also need to find a cold air return large enough for the return opening and to cover the old hole for the outlet. With any luck, picture rail will be the order of business tomorrow.

Now that I’m getting the trim put up, space in my basement is being freed such that I can actually see the floor. I’m so tired of stepping over and moving things to get to something else. The big relief is to get that large, curved baseboard out. I was always afraid I was going to trip over, drop something on, or somehow damage it.

Off to trick-or-treating with the youngest. Happy Halloween!