I seem to be on a 30 day minimum posting schedule lately… Not a lot of major, new stuff going on but a little touch-up on trimwork and accessorizing the foyer. My father-in-law is an artist so we decided to raid his store of items. We have a couple of pieces scattered about the house, but never really had a good place to display them until now. One wall in the updated foyer is large enough to display some of his larger works and we happened to find a piece that we liked and worked well in the space. Now I’m sure that all of you true artists out there will spit at your screen for my having said that. I would argue that art in a residential setting is just as much about a sense of overall design as it is about the intrinsic value of the piece apart from its environment.

The setting for the large oil on canvas piece was inspired by a now-demolished church in my hometown. The piece to the right is an oil pastel portrait of my son from a couple of years back. The pottery on the table is from last year and the bowl/plate on the lower shelf is from several years back. We really like his work and I’m scheming of new ways to incorporate more into the space.

Stair base trim

Stair base trim