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The new stained glass window at the bottom of the stairs finally received its trim last night. I’ve been putting it off only because I didn’t have much extra wood that was nice to use if I made a mistake. And I knew that this would be my first experiment with tinted shellac. It turned out okay, but I’m not terribly thrilled with how difficult it is to get a blemish-free finish when tinting the shellac. Any blob or lap mark that gets overlooked dries with a dark line/ring. So I’m not convinced the new wainscot will be finished in the same manner; time will tell.

The crown on the frieze was built using a Craftsman molding head with a bead and cove bit. The egg and dart molding came from Lowe’s. It’s amazing the difference the trim makes when it comes to the overall appearance of the window and the space.

All that’s left is wainscot, balusters, a little more trim, and picture rail and the foyer will be done. Phhhttt! That’s all???