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The house is going to be full of people in about six weeks, so it’s high time I got off my fat fanny and made more progress in the foyer. This weekend I decided it was time to put the wainscot up the first half of the stairs. The second half will have to wait until the next stage of renovation. Originally, my intent was to make a raised panel wainscot but time and motivation ran out. As a result, I opted for the lazy man’s way out and used plywood for the panels. It looks okay, but could have looked better. Oh, well….

It looks so much better than vapor barrier that at this point I really couldn’t care less. I used biscuits to keep all the joints aligned; that worked out really well. The easy part is done; the rest is all going to be funky angles because of the landing window.

The cats would really rather I didn’t make all that noise…