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After a somewhat lengthy hiatus from projects, it’s time to begin another in earnest. I’ve been meaning to convert the upper, front curved windows into leaded glass for several years now. Now that the appraiser for our refi has come and gone, today was the day to start. I removed the right-most sashes and extracted the cracked glass from the top and plexiglass from the bottom sash. Next, I will strip off all the old paint from the outside and strip the inside finish.

The cracked glass will be used in the new window design along at least the top and bottom. The intact, antique upper glass from the left window will be moved down to the bottom sash in the right window; the lower right glass was replaced with plexiglass before we moved in. To be honest, it is with great trepidation that I face this new project. Building, leading, cementing, reinforcing, and installing the new curved, leaded glass window scares the crap out of me!…