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After 45 minutes, my attempt to remove the upper pane of curved glass failed bigger than life. I was being tender and loving getting it out, but I’m convinced there was a hidden flaw that killed me in the end. I will now have to build four leaded glass windows instead of two. I was so mad, that I decided that the lower pane of glass could just as well break when I took it out, too. I showed it no mercy, carelessly chipping away at the old putty. In less than 15 minutes, it was out of the frame and in perfect condition. Argh!

Knowing that the design now had to include both the upper and lower sashes, I revisited my original concept. I found it to be lacking and embarked on a new one. The colors in the new design have nothing to do with what I plan to use; they only show those elements that will not be clear glass. The red border will actually be a white and brown/purple cathedral glass; the yellow-ish diamonds are maybe going to be amber; the empty square section in the upper sash will still use the shield and ribbon from the original design; and the blu-ish sections in the main field will be chip glass. Very little direct light hits these windows because they are under the porch roof, so the less color I introduce, the better.