…for gas meters, anyway. The local gas company came today and officially switched me over to one meter instead of the two I’ve had for the last ten years. I’ve been paying $13 per month for the past 4 or 5 years for the second meter. They ran a new line from the alley and condensed everything into one for $200. Heck of a deal! The amazing part was that you couldn’t tell they had done anything just by looking at the condition of my yard. They really are to be commended.

When they came out about a month ago to give me the estimate, the guy nearly fell over when he saw the condition of my old install. He said they would make me a good deal because they wanted to do away with the old infrastructure that was cobbled up. Worked for me. I briefly spoke to one of the guys this afternoon and he mentioned that the gas line was actively leaking when they dug it up in the alley. Guess it was providence that they worked on it now. Both my wife and I have smelled gas occasionally before but we could never decide if we were crazy or from where it might be coming.