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I’ve started leading the replacement panes for the front foyer windows. I’ve modified the design yet again, changing the “stars” in the design to be true diamonds. After trying to get the first star cut and in place, I knew it would take the better part of my lifetime to finish the windows successfully whilst retaining my sanity. The interior of the window was to be bordered by chip glass with the intent to reuse the old, curved stuff for the main field. Yeah, right… I was able to get two large pieces of the curved cut successfully. My assumption is that this was cylinder glass that was cut and then heated into shape. I’ve cut miles of glass in my day, but a successful straight line is nearly impossible with this stuff. Luckily, the shapes in the design are narrow enough that other antique flat glass will work; it’s just the idea that I won’t be able to recycle the original glass from these windows.

I sure am glad that I invested in the line cutter after having cut 40 of those amber diamonds…

Yesterday and today's progress

Yesterday and today's progress