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Now that the large projects are complete and winter is upon us, I’ve been ruminating over the next project. As always, plans in this house are always fluid, but the current mode of thinking is as follows. Originally, I had planned to install a bathroom upstairs but the last visit to my daughter’s orthodontist cured that desire since he announced that it was time for braces in February. (sigh) Faced with that financial bombshell, I opted to downsize next year’s house expenses. And I think I found the perfect project; one that’s long overdue……………………

My wife and I agreed that these three were the finalists of all of the schemes. Sherwin Williams has a really nifty color planner tool on their website that produced these. It really helps to dynamically pick and choose from many colors from the comfort of your home. Without this tool, it’s difficult to visualize just how awful the completed project might look just from using tiny paint chip samples that you get at the store. For example, while it isn’t what I would call “awful” at all, this paint scheme, while appealing to me, just doesn’t quite “work” on my house:

Sconce Gold, Status Bronze, Belvedere Cream

Maybe an Italianate or a Romanesque Revival or something along those lines would look great dressed in dark colors. But my house has those Neo-Classical/Colonial Revival leanings (even though technically it’s probably a Queen Anne) that, I think, lends itself more to a lighter shade. Besides, a lighter trim really makes the dark windows pop much more so than this scheme.

I’ve spent hours playing with this; it’s just too much fun. Every time my wife comes in the office and sees me at the computer, she just rolls her eyes, smiles, and quickly leaves again. Kids and their toys, you know…

Luckily I have something like six months to decide.