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With no projects, a change of pace.

I have relatively few vices in life, but one of them is collecting historical postcards from towns around where I grew up. Over the last 12 years, my collection has grown to a point where I have considered doing a then-and-now project. This weekend while I was back home, I decided to give it an initial run. Aside from feeling a bit conspicuous running around with a camera on a tripod, it went okay. My timing was lousy though because it was late in the afternoon by the time I got started and the lighting was fairly poor, not to mention the fact that the breeze made it seem beastly cold.

So here we go…

Chestnut St from park
Chestnut St from the park. Mid-20th Century halcyon days. The Park (House) Hotel served as the first courthouse in Atlantic when it was rented by the county for $1200 per year in 1882. What is it now?
Wells Fargo. Sterile modernity in all its glory…
Church of Christ 2
Quintessential, turn-of-the-century, small church.
And today? Blech! Fake stone and lost architectural details; overall just bland and tired. (sigh) Corbels and dentil molding? Who needs that crap, right?

Opera House 3

Opera House – pre-1912. Hubba-hubba… No lack of charm or detail here, folks. There are even cute kids and a doggy.


And now? It’s an ugly movie theater. Anyone have some anti-depressants handy? And look! Even small town Iowa has current blockbuster movies. Okay, okay, I give. It still functions as an entertainment venue even after all these years; that’s pretty impressive so I’ll give it credit for that. Seriously, it is pretty amazing that in this day and age you can still have a movie theater in a small town. Kudos!