I was in Iowa yesterday for the 8th Annual Christmas Walk to benefit the Family Crisis Support Network. The walk included four houses, two old, historic homes and two new homes. The second house we visited was built in 1917 by the son of the founder of Atlantic. (Atlantic, with a population in 2000 of nearly 9000 residents, was settled in 1868 and is the county seat of Cass County.) The English Tudor home boasts quarter-sawn oak wainscot in the entry and a paneled mahogany dining room. I wasn’t able to photograph it successfully because it was too late in the evening for a good shot.

The other historic house is located on Poplar street and only a block away from the courthouse. It certainly appears to be Barber-inspired if not an actual design of his. The inside is fairly understated as grand old homes go, at least insofar as compared to the exuberant exterior. The frosted, double-entry doors lead to an open oak staircase. The porch obviously is not original.

The question is, is it a Barber?