The destruction continues… Now the front parlor downstairs (what we often refer to as the “Old Office”) has had all traces of late ’70’s – early ’80’s yuck removed from it. Between me and my son, we emptied it in a day. There was a small fire some years back and that remodel is now history. Luckily, having all the old lath and plaster already gone made quick work of it. This space is one example the “new”, expanded house from sometime around the turn of the century can be seen sistered onto the original structure. Next, the insulation will be removed and upgraded to R-15.

The former owners of the house were the in-laws of my neighbor across the street. He had once told me that there were french doors between the parlor and the dining room, but I could never see how that was possible. With the parlor opened up, I now see that they were on the east wall in the southeast corner. The door to the dining room is all that remains of the original opening. The other set of french doors in this room was removed when the bathroom was put in years ago. Oh, to return the room to that floorplan…