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Many things have taken place recently. The plumber arrived for his last inspection and he is tentatively scheduled to start in about two weeks. The local home furnishings store has measured both upstairs and downstairs bathrooms for floor tile; their quote is due Monday. The HVAC guy is ready to start with getting heating/cooling to the new bathroom; maybe next week he’ll be back. The neighbor electrician will be here in about two weeks. And I secured a local contractor bid to do both sheetrock and mudding for $1000 less than a previous bid. Booyah!! Once all this other stuff is done, he is ready to roll. So many things yet to do on my end, too. I need to shim walls and ceilings so the sheetrock goes on flat, cut a whole in my foyer wall for the re-purposed French door, enlarge the opening between the parlor and the dining room for the other French door, strip miles of old trim, …. I think I will stop now.

About the only new discoveries are 1) that the tongue and groove sub-floor upstairs was put down with square nails. That dates it to the original house, although that was no surprise to me. And, 2) that the original paper upstairs was what I would describe as a woodland scene. When I pulled down the ceiling, I also discovered that the ceiling had originally been painted a sky blue, presumably to “coordinate” with the paper. It would have been cool to see the room in its original state…