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This project is so mentally exhausting, I have only occasionally considered updating the blog. Today, after mowing the lawn in oppressive humidity and with a Harry Potter showing later in the afternoon, I took a break (physically and mentally). I read several chapters of Clash of Kings, snacked a little, watched some TV, and reveled in laziness. In an effort to not chalk up today as a total waste of time, I deigned to remove myself from the recliner and at least take a few photos to post. Even that was, in and of itself, a challenge. Recap of things accomplished since the last post:

  1. Installed the new duct for the bathroom and ran the flexible duct into the basement. The HVAC dude will connect it up later.
  2. A good chunk of the ceiling upstairs was insulated.
  3. The framing for the mechanic’s chase was completed.
  4. Ran coax and cat-5 to four new receptacles upstairs and down. (Much of the time spent on my back in the crawlspace.) Thanks to Josh for the suggestion.
  5. Completed the false ceiling in the downstairs bath and installed a can light.
  6. Completed the wiring run upstairs. (With assistance from my electrician neighbor.)
  7. Installed furring strips in the downstairs parlor to attempt to even out the ceiling. (Two solid days worth of work, thank you very much.)
  8. Added bridging to the upstairs sitting area ceiling.
  9. Caved and added sconces to the parlor plan.
  10. The plumber finished the vent out the roof on nearly the hottest day of the year. I was in the attic the other day and the sun gave the vent an unearthly, orange glow. Weird.

Every day brings me an inch or so closer to calling the sheetrock dude to come do his thing, but not quite there yet. Still many little tasks to complete before that can happen.

Yikes! Look at the time. Better get ready to go close the Harry Potter franchise off. (This film had better be a darn sight better than the last…)