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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but never had the camera available once I closed off the stairs. Part of what delayed moving on this project before now (we’ve lived here nearly 11 years) was the problem of how to handle the debris from the demo of the walls going down the stair well. As it turns out, it became a simple matter. The opening in the floor is just shy of 8 ft by 4ft so it could effectively be covered by a single sheet of plywood, or, in this case, a relatively cheap sheet of OSB. This not only kept the cats at bay while I was working, but kept 99% of the debris from crashing down the stairs and potentially damaging them. It had the added benefit of easy access to the wall and ceiling approximately 15 feet above the landing.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that could remain 24×7 as the bedrooms and (now, the only) bathroom are upstairs. But there was a period of time where I kept the piece closest to the landing window in place. That forced us to essentially crawl up and down the stairs. Needless to say there was great rejoicing when that was no longer required… And I only hit my head on it once the whole time it was there; that was about 10 minutes before I pulled it up for the last time. Wouldn’t you know it?