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… of my walls. For the first time in decades (literally) the foyer is open to the front parlor again. I have been waiting 11 years for this day; hard to believe it is finally here. I’m hoping that I’m about one more weekend’s worth of work away from giving the sheetrocking dude the green light to commence. Then there will be great rejoicing!!

I also moved, for a second time, the vent in the foyer. It was originally under the stairs but I moved it to the wall that I removed today. (I did that at the time because there was an old vent for the parlor that was entombed in the wall.) Overall it took very little time and I’m pleased with both its location (a compromise from where it was originally intended) and appearance.

Only one really large task remains and that is to cut out one floor joist in the stairwell. I’m nervous as h*%$ about it, but it needs to be done. The stairs are so tight that getting a twin box spring up them is a tussle. Anything larger and it has to go through a window. Did that twice; never again. The downside to this will be that my wife will now think it is time to upgrade to a king bed. (sigh)