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This weekend was devoted to the last bits in the parlor–preparing the south wall (new door) for sheetrock and widening the door from the parlor to the dining room. An entire afternoon was devoted to building up the south wall with lath and roofing felt so that it would be straight for the sheetrock, trim, and crown moulding. I use a long straight edge parallel to the wall studs to get each as much as possible in line with the next by adding lath and then applying 30′ roofing felt as the “fine-tuning”. It’s time-consuming but it makes all the difference in the finished wall since many of the studs in this house are from various remodels and eras. The oldest studs are rarely the same size; it didn’t matter back then because the plasterer ensured the wall was straight. I don’t have that luxury.

Two original french doors remain from the house; they will be used as doors in the new parlor. But they are 36″ and the existing doorway between the dining room and parlor was only 32″. That was easily widened, although now I will have to be creative with making new dining room trim to match the old.

Finally, I spent most of today preparing the stairwell for the remainder of the wainscot that will run to the top of the stairs. I learned quite a bit the first time around with the lower run so I’m much better prepared now. The strips of lath in the photo are where the sheetrock is supposed to stop; I apply the wainscot directly to the wall.

Next weekend will be the finishing touches and the dreaded floor cut out. Then its on to sheetrock. I CANNOT wait!! (Stupid camera took blurry photos today…)