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What an interesting week… It all began so innocently–a 40% chance of thunderstorms overnight on Sunday. At 4:00 am, I’m out in the deluge of rain digging trenches in the yard in a semi-vain attempt to divert water away from the house. 4.41 inches and half a flooded basement later, the rain was over. What followed was three hours of at least a million trips to empty out my 8-gallon shop vac to rid my basement of about two inches of standing water. Finally, the purchase of two box fans and a dehumidifier to dry everything out. Luckily, the flooded area is just my shop, so little was actually lost, per se.

Monday night about 10:15 pm, I hear this deep thud and the ground trembling. I shrugged it off figuring, “Whatever.” My son comes into the office. “Did you hear that?” Ugh, maybe this can’t be ignored. We head outside and meet someone who was out and about asking us if everyone was okay. Now I’m really wondering what the heck happened. A trip about the yard revealed nothing until we all returned to the back door. There, laying neatly between the retaining wall and the bird feeder, was a giant limb out of the large maple tree. I couldn’t have asked for it to fall in a better location. The only casualties out of the whole ordeal were some lilac bushes. Now the tree for sure has to come down.

Finally, some good news. The floor upstairs was cut out without any untoward effects. The saints be praised!! It’s amazing how 14 inches of new space can really open up the stairwell. I’m very happy with the results. I also called the sheetrocking dude; he is coming out Monday evening for the final inspection before he begins. Huzzah!! I also have begun the process of getting balusters turned to replace and augment a few that were missing in the upstairs bannister. Progress at last…