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A quick update on the progress. Took some time off work since the weather was nice to strip doors and trim. Two solid days plus a bit more is almost more than my old body can handle. But one of the french doors is stripped and quite a bit of the window trim is now ready. I also worked on creating a wainscot trim piece out of the old trim I salvaged out of the Iowa farm house.

Today was all about painting. All the rooms have at least one coat of all the colors and the ceilings are done. I was able to hang the light in the stairwell tonight. It’s good to have light on the stairs again. Still need to put on a second coat of most of the colors and paint the crown moulding. Then it will be time for outlets and light fixtures. The tile dude is supposed to call on Monday to set up a time to finish the upstairs bathroom. The plumber was supposed to be here this coming (next Friday) but I think I will reschedule for the following; that will allow me to put up the wainscot and baseboard.

I’m exhausted…