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For better or for worse, the new bathrooms are functional now. The plumber was here for two days–one full day for the curved-door shower. He vowed that he would never again install one like ours. I helped him with part of it; I don’t blame him for feeling that way.

Today was primarily devoted to framing up the salvaged pine door for the upstairs bath. I also used some of the 5/4 jamb from the old Iowa house. Yesterday, I went out and bought an el-cheapo hollow core for downstairs; the other salvaged pine door I bought needs stripping and repair before I can hang it. We initially tried using an old, pink, chenille, bedspread but decided that wasn’t going to work for any longer than one day–way too hippie for us…

My wife is starting to salivate over decorating. Ka-ching, ka-ching…

Oh, yes. My daughter announced that this new upstairs bath is now the “girls” bathroom. (sigh)