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Lot’s of activity–few postings. It’s pretty difficult to post something interesting when little that’s truly interesting (i.e., worth reading) has transpired in the last two weeks. I’ve spent many hours prepping for the next big push. Thanksgiving at our house, huh?

  1. Finished stripping the last of the trim that I need.
  2. Planed some rough-sawn oak and ash boards that have been laying around for several years to replace trim in the dining room.
  3. Assembled the door frames for the new/old french doors, but still need to be hung.
  4. Milled new sills for the parlor from old, reclaimed door casings from the Iowa house. (It was a shame to cut it up–you don’t run across 100+ year 1.5 inch thick old-growth pine just every day.)
  5. Found, ordered, stained, and partially finished some egg and dart trim that I found on the internet. Didn’t know I could actually buy it; stumbled across it quite by accident.
  6. Milled the decorative caps for the parlor windows.
  7. Installed the plywood back for the wainscot.
  8. Found a four-drawer, marble top cabinet at Pottery Barn for beside the sink in the upstairs bath. (Talk about ka-ching!)
  9. Cried myself to sleep every night from the stress, aches, and pains.. (Okay, maybe that’s a tad exaggerated.)
  10. Juggled family life along with the project.
Enough is enough. You get the picture. Where are the photos?