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I’m such a wimp… This is exhausting! Really pushing myself to keep going. My motivation is still high, but the old, fat body is beginning to protest.

Added trim to the temporary downstairs bathroom door, painted it, and also one side of the door itself. Jeez! I hate painting! Now I know why I only use clear finishes; they are so much more forgiving. Also finished the “wainscot” rail in the parlor along with the last of the vertical door and window trim. Just need to finish the baseboard, paint the crown moulding and the other side of the bathroom door, add the picture rail, and add the entablatures (whatever they are called) to the doors and windows. Phhttt!! That’s nothing. Uh, huh…

I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. last night building and shellacking two of the “entablatures” making use of the Silputty mouldings I created a couple of months ago and more of the antique 5/4 door jamb salvaged from Iowa. (BTW, the camera distorts the color; the trim doesn’t look quite that bad.) Two more built today, but no shellac on them yet.

Here’s to tomorrow’s progress.