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Worked all day, but now tonight there’s not a whole to show for it. Hmmm… I finished painting the bathroom door. I also finished putting up the dining room trim; the opening was widened to fit the french door. (Putting the trim up required that I cut out the existing sheetrock and some of the old plaster. I hate making mess at this stage…) Also, I masked off and painted the parlor crown moulding; that took about two hours, I guess.

Originally, I wasn’t going to put trim blocks in the corner bay in the parlor but in the end, I opted to go that way. I used a couple of blocks from my great grandfather’s house and cut the back side to 22 1/2 degrees. After a little fine-tuning with a block plane, they fit pretty well. Now I just need to cut the baseboard to 22 1/2 degrees to fit against the blocks.

My wife and I moved an antique yellow pine wardrobe her mom and dad used to have that we now use for DVD/BluRay storage into the parlor. We debated on whether or not to keep it, but opted in the end to stay with it; it makes for ample storage of “stuff.” It needs to be attached to the wall before it can technically be used as the doors make it surprisingly top-heavy.

Oh, I guess a couple more “entablatures” were built and shellacked this morning. Guess things did get done, just not a lot of “wow”-type stuff. More tomorrow…