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Last full day to do much of anything. Ready to gorge myself on turkey and all the fixin’s… Finished up the west baseboard, added some more picture rail to the parlor, added an “entablature” to the foyer side doorway, installed the last bit of foyer baseboard, hung the ceiling fan, cleaned everything up, and began furnishing the room. It’s not completely done yet, but we needed stuff out of the dining room for the meal. It is very close, though.

I’m beat! I’m glad that tomorrow is my “day off” from all this work. My job for tomorrow is to take the last of the cardboard off the stairs (yes, it’s been there since the mudders were here) and pick up my remodel area upstairs. Wish I could do some paint touch-up in the downstairs bath, but oh, well. And, just like every year, I’m on board to make homemade Parker House dinner rolls from scratch–my great-aunt’s recipe. Yum… It’s my favorite part of the meal.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

P.S. Anybody out there wondering why those outlets in the corner of the bay are so low and seemingly out-of-place? By code, there has to be an outlet within twelve feet of the next. Without those, I’m technically not compliant. However, the way the corner of the house was built, there is essentially no space not filled by a 2×4. The only place is right there where the outlet is. It looks funny, but one can never have too many outlets in a room. The electrician neighbor actually questioned my sanity because there were so many…