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I finished up the stair wainscot today, sans cap. I’ve been putting this off waiting for warmer weather so I could set up my chop saw on the front porch, but I decided that it was time regardless. So I did the whole basement-staging-area-thing (up and down the stairs a billion times). I hate doing that because my legs always cramp up during the night (which they did).

This time around, I built a jig to make the severe angled cuts (68 1/2 and 56 1/2 degrees) for the panel moulding. When I did the first section of wainscot I did that all freehand which was really quite stupid; this took all the guess-work out of it. I was actually done with all the trimming yesterday (with the exception of two panel mould pieces) — 10 hours worth of work. Today, I added the bedroom door trim so the last two moulding pieces could go up. The next thing is the cap and a couple coats of shellac. The handrail is already done, it just needs to be installed again as before.