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The latest glass project is done and installed. I’m not altogether convinced that I like the color choices I made, but its too late now. I was looking for a preponderance of cooler colors to go with the bathroom grey. I think it’s the bright blue that I don’t like. (shrug) It’s done and that’s all that ultimately matters. Before I installed the glass, I took the time to strip off the million or so coats of paint on the exterior of the window. I’ll prime and paint it later this spring after it warms up.

The final quarter of the window construction (not including the border) was definitely the hardest. Several of the pieces had to be put in simultaneously in order for everything to go together. My son has a window in his room exactly like this one. I’m going to change it out as well since I’m in the mood and the weather hasn’t warmed up yet. The design that I’m working on in my head won’t be this intricate but it will include a set of bevel clusters that I ordered today.