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Here we go again with another glass project. This one is, relatively speaking, MUCH simpler. The photo does not show the colors as they are at all. The outer band is a dark brown, the “moon-shaped” pieces are a darkish amber, and the inner “spokes” are light amber.

After this small, oval window, the large window in what we call the sitting area at the top of the stairs is next. We live next to downtown and there is no view to speak of so I figured I can rectify that eyesore yet let light in. Not sure when I might get to that. Perhaps later this summer or so.

I think the remodel of the “old” upstairs bathroom is on the schedule for this year. It’s such a dive; I can’t wait to rip it apart as it’s the last room upstairs that remains undone since we moved in. Along the way, I mentioned to my wife that I would like to do the living room (one of the last two untouched downstairs rooms) at the same time. Bill Cosby’s description of his wife having a conniption fit is shockingly accurate. I guess the living room will wait…