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Not much going on lately at the house. I’ve been busy at work and with many things family-related over the last month or so. I have managed to strip some woodwork here and there but probably the most noteworthy item was my $10 Craigslist purchase of this small side table. My wife wanted something for beside the love seat in the front parlor so I’ve been on the lookout for a decent looking bargain. I’ve passed on a couple that I thought might work, but I had to have this one.

The top was in rough shape; someone had set a hot iron on it at some point and ruined the finish but otherwise it’s in very good shape. The whole thing is made out of solid wood. The only plywood is the drawer bottom. It’s nothing fancy or valuable, but it is of decent quality so I’m happy with my ROI. I stripped the top on Saturday, followed by three coats of Dark Lak shellac on the top and a couple coats of floor wax on the rest of it. Looks relatively new again…

Funny how the photo makes the top look red; doesn’t look like that in-person