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Life has a way of prioritizing things for you. Unfortunately, my blogging was not among those things at the top of the list. I have been working on the house a bit at a time, but not tons and not all of it eventful or exciting.

I’m not certain that the new bathroom will be going in this year yet. I had several major car expenditures (voluntary, luckily), a tree removal bill for the large maple notorious for dropping limbs, a trip to Chicago, and a planned trip to Groton, CT, sub base that have depleted my on-hand funds enough that I feel uncomfortable spending more. So in the absence of the large project I should be getting a lot done, right? Right?

This silly hot, dry weather has sapped all of my will to live and willingness to do projects. But all is not necessarily lost. I was able to stain, shellac, and put down about half of the base shoe in the front parlor. The door trim around the small hallway at the top of the stairs was installed along with the baseboard in the upstairs bay window.

I paid a local shop to strip the 24 original balusters for the upstairs railing (another expense). Today, I sanded all 32 (new and old), stained all the new ones, and began shellacking all of them. Now my energy has run out and its time to sit in my chair again. (A common past-time, it would seem.) As with the other stair balusters, I built a jig to assist in shellacking them. I can spin them freely to brush on the shellac making it 100% easier than doing otherwise. Maybe next weekend I can work on getting the railing in…? (shrug)