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My house is suffering, in some ways, from the ravages of deferred maintenance. I’ve been fully funding interior renovations and putting off the exterior stuff. I trimmed the south window in the sitting area at the top of the stairs a couple of weekends ago. That got me to thinking about a lot of things that were wrong with that window. Last weekend, I decided that it was time to rectify that. Ages and ages ago when they added that window, they didn’t do the best job repairing the decorative shingles below it. Doubtful anyone but I would notice but it was driving me nuts! At any rate, I got out my ladders and put that project to bed once and for all by repairing and replacing both the diamond and some fish-scale shingles on the porch while I was at it.

Since the ladder was out, I decided that the Palladian window in the north gable probably needed some well-deserved attention. It’s a little over twenty feet off the ground; doesn’t sound like much but it’s plenty high when one is up there. My wife and I man-handled the ladder over there and I shinnied up to take a look. OMG!!!! It was far worse than I imagined. The old sill was just laying there out of habit. When I started taking it out, it came out in these light-as-cork chunks. The window trim itself was so worn by water that you could see the grain pattern. Not to mention the fact that most of nails holding it to the house had long ago rusted away. The window sash itself was very rotten on the bottom. What kept the whole thing in the wall is beyond me. How embarrassing that I let it go this long!

All of that is now history… I replaced the sill, reattached the frame to the house using stainless steel finish screws, and primed it. I also replaced the bottom of the window sash with a new piece salvaged from another old window, and primed it.  Now I just need to paint the exterior with a finish coat and add the glass. I’m hoping it can be installed tomorrow as there is a chance of rain on Wednesday (although, I will believe that when I see it considering that we are six inches below normal so far).

The next step is to build a storm window for that Palladian window. Shouldn’t be too hard, really. Maybe a couple of weekends and it should be in place. And now I’m seriously considering painting the house next year. It really needs it…