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On Saturday, I started trimming out the bay window at the top of the stairs. I removed the trim in May of 2007 to replace the windows; seems high time to put everything back. Hard to believe it took me roughly five hours to get just this much in place. Part of that was due to the million trips up and down the stairs to get all the angles right. Part of it was because after putting the sills themselves in-place, the original 5/4 apron trim turned out to be too thick–the profile and proportions looked like crap. So I pulled off all the applied mouldings and substituted 3/4 stock instead. Now the profile looks correct and all is well with the world. The purist in me screamed the whole time, but it is what it is.

The remainder of the trim will be tricky, too. I included a photo from 2007 showing how badly (horribly) out of plumb this window was. Unfortunately, between straightening everything out and rebuilding the bay, it changed how all the trim fit together. It will probably take at least another five hours to get the remainder of the trim in place. (sigh) Maybe next weekend.