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I tried to divine some clever post title but this was the best I could do. Several long days at work and not much sleep really does make Jack a dull boy. Hrmph…

At any rate, the trim work for the bay was finally put up this weekend. (See! I’m behind…) It took many, many trips up and down the stairs to get the fit right. Overall, it looks really nice, but in other ways, the quality of my install just plain stinks. The left-most piece is a very nice, straight-grained piece of old, hard pine. The trouble is every time I drove a nail into it, it would split. That never happens with my pneumatic nailer. Ever. And the sheetrock job doesn’t lend itself well to the trim being flush on the wall. AND, I neglected to allow for some kind of structure in the wall to nail the trim into. Oh, for the love of Pete! What a mess!

There are ways to deal with it, but it’s just the idea and another project. (sigh)