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Nothing new at the house (… yet … ). I did take today to finish up a hardware cart that I had gotten the urge to build. A couple of months ago, during the high school musical set construction project, the vocal music director asked for my help this summer in building a hardware cart for all the various screws, hardware, tools, etc that are constantly in use during set construction. Today, he has a tiny plastic cart that everything gets piled onto. Needless to say, it’s difficult and even nigh on impossible to find anything easily. It seemed like a simple project and request so I took it upon myself last weekend to get some birch veneer plywood and start planning out a cart for him.

This was a good way to get rid of a couple of drawer guides I bought years ago. It seemed readily apparent that I would never use them but this project was perfect for them. The plastic hardware containers are held in place by a beveled piece of scrap plywood. To remove them, just pull up on the front. There are two fixed rubber wheels and two free-spinning wheels. I went that way because four free-spinning wheels came sometimes lead to difficult to steer and runaway objects. I discovered that when I got a little aggressive moving the cart around, the drawers would slide open. The two zinc sets of hardware on the shelf are going to be used to “lock” the drawers shut. These are neat little gadgets that I salvaged off some large, plywood shipping containers from work. The little butterfly handle flips up, turns, and “unlocks” from the small bracket that will be attached to the drawer front. Being a hoarder occasionally pays off….

The only thing left is to get two small zinc handles for the drawers. I had thought about using some old, salvaged, brass handles that I had laying around, but they didn’t look right with all the bright zinc stuff I added to the sides. For a couple extra bucks, it’ll look better. I’ve already spent this much, what’s a tad more?

I plan on springing it on him on Monday. I hope he likes it.