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For the first weekend in ages, the weather cooperated enough (warm and no rain or snow) to begin the east corbel/soffit repair. The state of the soffit was one of those things that a casual observer may not realize immediately, but it has driven me crazy for 13 years now. As mentioned here, this area had “issues” due to ice damming. I’ll give the PO credit–they did a fair job of covering the damage but did nothing to repair it or the cause of the ice dams.

The patch consisted of a sheet of galvanized metal tacked over the damage with the old corbel nailed over that. As per usual, I couldn’t bring myself to only patch the problem but found myself doing a complete soffit replacement. It was only through the miracle of providence that I was able to stop myself short of tearing off the gutter and replacing the fascia as well. The time to do that is when new guttering is in the budget.

It was rather eye-opening to find that the soffit was a single, 15-inch wide board. Amazing when stores stocked that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, it was essentially beyond repair. I glued up two 1x8s as a replacement, even though that was still 1/2 inch narrower than the original.

I heat stripped the paint off one of the two original corbels and decided that was enough of that, leaving the paint on the other; it just didn’t seem worthwhile considering that I have no plans to do that to any others.

After taking out the crappy blown-in insulation that was laying on the soffit (and no doubt contributing to the soffit’s demise once wet) and adding new insulation to reduce the flow of warm air out out of the living space, I replaced the soffit and corbels (including the new one). There are still some very small cove returns that need to be put back, but I need to get my pin nailer back from my brother first. Then it’s caulking, primer, and paint.

Will anyone notice? Nope. Will I? Yup.