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I finally began the house painting project in earnest yesterday. It is several years way overdue. Originally, I was going to hire someone to do the three gables for me but after getting their $1200 bid, I decided I would try to handle it myself. The job itself isn’t really what you would call difficult, but it is massively time-consuming and back breaking work. I worked on the east gable all day long and only got about half of it scraped. Granted, I did some repair work while I was at it; something that I realized upon closer inspection was required.

To make it even more challenging, getting to the gable above the intersecting roof line of the office/garage was decidedly difficult. In the photos below, the ladder is the farthest to the right that I can possible get it. The pitch on the office/garage is 12/12 making it difficult (for me, impossible) to navigate. My solution was to build a little wedge-thingy on which to put my folding ladder. (A great tip from a blog post that should receive credit but I have no idea from where it came now.) The upper half of the ladder lays nearly horizontally on the roof so I can sit on it; I couldn’t bring myself to attempt to stand. I’m not afraid of heights, but I have a healthy respect for it. (It or them? (shrug))

I replaced about a dozen shingles. Certainly not difficult, but juggling shingles, nails, and a hammer while sitting on a ladder is decidedly challenging. Especially when your legs start to fall asleep…

Another beautiful day on tap today (60’s) but the day is jam-packed with other activities not related to the house. Guess the remainder of the scraping will just have to wait until it’s good and hot. Blech!

On a side note, we woke up to frost this morning along with ice in the bird bath. To make that even more insulting/puzzling, the forecast says it is supposed to be 92 in two days. For the love of Pete, will Mother Nature please just make up her mind?!