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From 7:00 am to 5:30 pm today, I scraped and primed most of the upper half of the  southern section of the east side of the house. (Yeah, not much.) Priming the shingles was no fun at all. Well, at first it was gratifying, then it became tedious, then aggravating, then painful, and finally if-I’m-not-done-soon-I-will-jump-off-the-ladder-head-first. I bought the very best oil-based primer Sherwin-Williams had to offer. Great stuff, but it’s the consistency of thin cake batter so applying it takes time and effort.

It’s funny… When one has nothing but a wall of dry, bare decorative shingles to stare at, many things like world peace, deficit reduction, and the like can be ruminated upon. Or, in my case, perfecting my controlled run/drip method of priming the lower edge of the shingles. An all but useless, long-term skill to be sure.

Along with the priming, I replaced one piece of siding and reattached several others with galvanized finish nails. For the most part, if there is primer in the photo, there was no paint, meaning that the decorative shingles had little to no paint left at all by the time I was done scraping.

The photos attached have a bluish tint but in person it’s more of a battleship grey. The scheme we are going for is the Night Owl, March Wind, and Rock Bottom found here. Storms tonight and tomorrow, so a short reprieve is in store. As long as it has taken me to get to this point, I’m guessing this is an all summer-type project. Goody…